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Meet our team. 


Jim and Linda Brooks are passionate about helping couples turn their relationship into a springboard for personal growth and joy.

Linda and Jim Brooks

Can you give me one sentence that describes the weekend?


It provides the opportunity for any couple to deepen their connection and learn to face and overcome the challenges inherent in any intimate relationship.


With all that you are involved in - why do couples work?


There’s nothing more satisfying for us than seeing a couple who come to the weekend feeling disconnected from each other, rekindle their love and leave on Sunday feeling reconnected.



Why should couples learn to do couples work?


Just as we need to learn how to drive a car before we can get a license to drive, we believe people should learn how to navigate a relationship successfully before they embark on a long-term relationship.  Doesn't that make sense?


Unfortunately, most couples haven’t learned the simple skills that create a successful relationship such as how to communicate in a non-blaming, non-shaming way;  how to resolve conflict in a win-win manner;  how to express their needs clearly, or how to keep the relationship alive with positive rituals that nourish and enrich it. 


You will learn these and many other skills by attending this workshop.


Can you tell me a bit more about you? 


We are both passionate about human growth and inner transformation,  As a result of that interest, we’re both Shadow Work® facilitators and coaches.


Jim is a full-time psychiatrist who specializes in natural healing modalities (acupuncture, Ayur Veda and Zero Balancing). But what he loves most is playing tennis.


Linda is a retired management trainer and educator who is now the organizing power behind our workshops.  


We live and work in Kauai, Hawaii, and when we aren't working, offering workshops and coaching we are traveling and learning Spanish.  




Jim and Linda Brooks




Rich and Laurie Riedman love to share their passion for life through couples work.

Rich and Laurie Riedman


Why lead weekends?


We love the magic that happens on a weekend.  While it takes courage, trust, and hard work to get there - we love to witness first-hand the magic that happens when couples experience what it is like to create a relationship that is solid and safe enough for them to fully be who they are  -- individually and as a couple. 


More personally -- it saved our relationship years ago when we were introduced to couples work -- thank's Rich and Char!  

At  the risk of sounding like a greeting card - this work changed our lives and we’ve seen it change so many others.   We had both been involved in MKP and WW for years when it hit us -- couples work was where we could support others on their journey but do it together.  Our passion and life mission is to help men and women recognize the “dance” they do in their partnership and why they do it.  We help couples heal past wounds and create a life that allows them to continue to love and learn - both together and separately.  It truly is magic!


Advice for couples considering the weekend?


Just do it.  Whether your relationship is new or you’ve been together for decades, there is something to gain by experiencing A Couples Weekend.  Rich and I did our weekend back in 1996, have been married for 29 years and continue to learn and grow using the skills we learned - and thankfully -- now teach.  Join us.


What else would you like us to know about you?


We live in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York where we’ve been fortunate enough to raise our three girls in the same home we were newlyweds in.    Our girls, who are in various stages of adulthood, continue to be our greatest teachers.   We’ve enjoyed enriching careers as entrepreneurs running our own consulting businesses - -Riedman Workflow Design and Riedman Communications -- from our home office in Canandaigua New York.     


You can often find Rich busy as a “bee” tending to his bee  ives at Riedman Happy Hives - our small aviary; running on the road and/or a soccer field; attending live music festivals and/or comparing Spotify music playlists with our girls and his music-loving friends.  He dedicates countless hours to support our community through a variety of nonprofit board positions including being very active in the local MKP region. 


You may likely find Laurie cooking up a storm for friends and family; biking, hiking, spinning or doing yoga on her SUP board on Canandaigua Lake.  She applies her “energizer bunny” energy to everything she does including “making things happen” for a number of nonprofits especially those supporting and empowering women and girls.  And, she offers coaching - personal and business | marketing coaching from her home.



Rich and Laurie Riedman

585 394 6597



Rhonda and John have a passion for health and wholeness and bring their vast experience to supporting individuals in creating richly rewarding lives.
John and Rhonda Gaughan


Can you give me three words that describe the weekend?

Intimate, healing, challenging


Can you share with us a piece of your story about why you are doing this work?

We embarked on a journey of self-discovery and are passionate about spreading the work into families and relationships. With a huge emphasis on modeling health and happiness to those whose lives we touch.  We believe with a foundation of clean and clear communication relationships can continue to grow and thrive.


With all that you are involved in - why do couples work?

We believe that couples work is the cornerstone of a healthy society. We are grateful to have the tools to work through the issues that come up in our relationship and are grateful for the opportunity to share with others.  We have both been married before and the odds for a 2nd marriage does not look promising.  We decided to gather the tools and create the relationship of our dreams - to share in a loving committed healing couple ship.  We have been happily married for 23 years and look forward to many more.


When you are not leading weekends what are you doing?

We love to travel together and experience different people and cultures.  We love spending time with family and our beautiful grandchildren.  With a nice balance of being home and travel.  We have a passion for creating our beautiful gardens and a peaceful home life.


What has been your greatest challenge -- as a couple -- and your greatest reward?


The greatest challenge is understanding that old hurts and pain can be triggered by our partner and taking full responsibility for sharing our hurts and move into healing.  Our greatest reward is a peaceful loving relationship with mutual respect and understanding.  This came about with the realization that love is a choice and is given freely and deeply.  We understand that relationships (our most intimate relationships) are designed to bring up our “stuff” our issues to help us heal and grown into the amazing souls we were intended to be.



John and Rhonda Gaughan


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