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Strengthen Your Relationship
Increase Trust
Rekindle & Revitalize Your Love 

Discover the essential elements of a healthy relationship 

Whether you’ve been together a year or 40 – this weekend is for you.

People say relationships are hard.  They don’t have to be.  


A strong healthy relationship spurs self-discovery and personal growth.  Couples that experience a lack of true connection, communication and support are more likely to become distant and fall into a separate co-existence. 


Yes, life is busy but you can still stay connected amidst the busyness.  If you don’t find ways to cross that divide – you most likely will experience more challenges and conflict – which in turn increase the distance.


A Couples Weekend provides an opportunity to cross that chasm and truly connect with honesty and authenticity -- possibly like you never have before.  We’ve had couples attend that have been together for over 25 years able to reveal and learn something new.


During the weekend, you will have many opportunities to better understand your relationship, yourself and your partner.  You’ll discover together what is working and what may not be working.  We will share tools and skills to help you honestly communicate so you can both be heard.  This can make a world of difference – especially during the tough times.


And speaking of the tough times, you will learn that you don’t need to fear conflict or expressing how your feel.  We will teach you how to safely communicate things that bother you; listen with an open heart and learn how to resolve conflict in a healthy way.

Whether you’ve been together a year or 40 – this weekend is for you.


About the weekend:


A Couples Weekend was created by Rich and Char Tosi, no strangers to self-development and personal growth work.


Rich is co-founder of ManKind Project, a men’s community for the 21st century that offers The New Warrior Training Adventure helping thousands of men across the globe discover and live personal missions of service. 


Char, founded Woman Within, a worldwide organization creating a weekend -- the Woman Within Weekend—and a woman’s community of ongoing women’s circles to support and empower women to open up and listen to their inner wisdom and become the best they can be.


Rich and Char have trained and blessed three couples – Linda and Jim Brooks; John and Rhonda Gaughan and Laurie and Rich Riedman -- to continue this important and valuable couple’s work by leading weekends across the United States and across the world.   

Together, we are creating a community of couples who are committed to advance their personal growth while enriching their and their partner’s lives as they learn and practice new tools and skills creating greater trust and intimacy in their relationship.

We offer two retreats:  A Couples Weekend and Couples 2.  

Won’t you join us?
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